Barry Sugarman, B.S.ENGR., is a former owner of a group of pharmaceutical, dietary supplement, device and cosmetic companies including manufacturing, distribution, and representation companies. Barry has over 36 years or experience in all aspects of FDA regulated companies and products including public and private, large and small firms at all levels. Barry is an expert at interactions with federal, state, and local government agencies, and in drug, device, dietary supplement, and cosmetic product development, marketing, and regulatory affairs.

Every company must constantly innovate in its products, services, and internal operations.  Innovation is often an elusive concept to many.  We know how to develop the process of innovation within specific personnel, and in companies.  We can lead your teams to help create and maintain an environment of innovation, and shepherd innovations from concept throughout their life cycle.  Here are some areas of our practice:

  • Evaluation of New Inventions
  • Innovation Management
  • New Delivery Systems
  • Prototyping of New Products
  • Scientific Rationale and Market Review
  • Proof of Principal Studies
  • Package for Acquisition or Merger
  • Intellectual Property Strategy

Barry Sugarman, B.S.ENGR., President, Diverstech Co.

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